Entry deadline

We want to share the most important and current information connected to the "Danube Cup" Central and Eastern European Senior Swimming Clubs' Cup in Kecskemét!

The entry deadline expires at midnight on 31 May 2015 !!!

Information about the competition is still available on the website

We ask each team manager to verify the submitted entries on the website.

The submitted entries are available at the following links:

Invitation to gala dinner and dance party

Dear fellow senior sportspeople. At the multi-day swimming competitions, a 'non-competition' program, the gala dinner stands out most as the perfect event where we can meet, talk, tell stories and dance, of course as civilians regardless of the pool. We can say, it is our well-deserved rest. There will be no difference to this at the Kecskemét national championship either since we organize a gala dinner with music and dance party on 6 June 2015.

Started in the online registration

At the "Danube Cup" Central and Eastern European Senior Swimming Clubs' Cup & IV. Hungarian Indoor Swimming Senior Open Championship an official electronic timekeeping system (Colorado Time System) will be used , whose administration will be carried out by the Hytek MeetManager system. In order that the entries can be accurately and rapidly processed, an online interface will be developed through which the Hytek system can process the data automatically. Below you can find the most important information on how to use the online entry system.

Online entries for the championship are accepted as follows: